May 27, 2009

We will not retrench but we accept resignations gladly

This is currently the stand that we are taking in our small legal firm. In which we do not fire or even make threat of firing anyone. Okay, "fire" is to harsh a word. We do not retrench anyone (in the word of the Ministry of Human Resource, which I am not sure is the name it still held or is it being change to something else?) Does anyone ever use the word 'retrench' in real life? Except reporters, newscasters and those who held PC or Press Conference?

Anyway, as much as we try to fight this economic downturn which is claimed by all economists and politicians as to be hitting our shores full-blown, companies which wanted to cut down on their spending especially the salaries that they have to pay their workers, did just that. Retrench and bear the consequences of bad public relation with trade union and the workers. But it is actually effective. Why do you think they do it left and right without caring about the picket fences which happened in front of their gates or the letters issued by the Ministry demanding explanation. Whatever the threat, they need to survive and sell things and pay dividends to their shareholders. That is the bottom line.

As for my legal firm, we are small. We are suffering from clients who is considered as conglomerates but does not pay according to the terms that they themselves have set when they appointed us as lawyers. We just bear the brunt by injecting cash into our reserves while pushing for the payments that we deserve. We then still treat our employees as if they are a part of us. We negotiate with them on the amount of their pay raise. We asked them to be with us during this tough time. We did not try to say to them that we hope they stay although we are paying them lesser than what they can get if they work in the middle of the city. All claims are still paid on time and each still get whatever we have stated in their letter of offer. 

If all else fail, we always accept their resignation, like those who left us for better pasture. We wish them the all the best...

What? We are fired? You still have to feed us though...


Ratty said...

It sounds like you're being fair about it with your employees. I'm sure most rational people understand when times are hard.

Don't ever fire those two little kittens though. They deserve a raise! :)

leechon said...

dun fired lah..they so cute

Mother Goose said...

In the United States they use the term "terminated" instead of fired. It always sounds to me like they are going to put someone in front of a firing squad. Retrenched may be odd sounding but it isn't violent.

kruel74 said...

Ratty - We do hope they understand

Ratty + leechon - FYI, after 3 years, those to cats still 'own' my house

Mother Goose - Apt with the Terminator movie coming out

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