May 2, 2009

What an eventful week

It all started 3 months ago when I got to know when my exams for my Masters were scheduled. It was to be within a whole week with the final one being on a Thursday after two exams being consecutive on Monday then Tuesday. It was supposed to be a week full of studies and staying awake until 3am to cram for the finals of finals. Yes, if I manage to pass this 3 subjects, I will only need to do an articleship for 6 months and then if all goes well, I will obtain my Masters.

That was the plan but what happened was I got distracted. Big time...

Last Saturday, I was invited for the meet-up with an advertiser which wanted us to comment on their website and I grabbed the opportunity to see their cool headquarters. That started the ball rolling. Read my take on them here and here. It was fruitful in a way as I now know where to do a garage sale virtually.

Then I managed to get two tickets for the Wolverine film thanks to some shopping. It was the 11th hour of picking the tickets which I shouldn't have got but luck was on my side. I watched Wolverine 2 days before the worldwide premiere. Hey, unless you are a movie reviewer or the owner of Ain't It, two days is a big deal for me. Here is my take on it - X-Men Origins : Wolverine.

This two event happened while I was taking my exams on Monday and Tuesday. The only real free day for me was Sunday.

Then on Wednesday, I was told I am invited to another event. The advance screening of Star Trek. I was ecstatic. And this was one day before my killer paper. The paper was on Risk Management of banks which was very tough for non-bankers like me. I crammed for it the whole day and night and an event on Friday just after I finished my exams is just a good way to celebrate. Read my take on the event here.

So, it was a perfect week with events, with movies and some exams in between. Just hoping that I answered correctly the papers. If I did manage to have that, then that would be the icing on the cake....


Ratty said...

It all sounds pretty cool. I'm lucky if I get to see a movie on the first week it opens. My usual eventful week is getting to see a nice looking rock. :)

kruel74 said...

Sometimes the rock can be more exciting than a boring movie

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