May 26, 2009

Never been hired

This is one problem that I have. I have seen successful people whom I know online and I know personally who have done better than my business who have quit a successful career, open up a business and now is considered as one of the successful entrepeneur in Malaysia. I envy them as their business relates closely to what they have been doing while under the employment of others. They moned all the knowledge that one needs to be successful and then apply it to their own business. The contacts and network that they created when they were an employee made it easier for them to gain contracts or new businesses. 

I was never that people. I never had one experience of being interviewed or being asked to perform a test to show what I can give to add value to institution. I have never been berated by an interviewer or argued so much with an interviewer that I was hired to fill a vacant post  (a true story on account of one of my friends). I have never been asked to hope that I will be called for a second, third and fourth interview. I have never been in a predicament whether I need to resign 24 hours or I can follow the term of my letter of my appointment in order for me to clinch that other job. I have never had that experience of wanting more for what I do. 

Maybe it was a good thing never having to experience this. Maybe it was not such a good thing. I should at least know my capability to work under someone else. Being asked to perform things I don't really want to do. Complaining how much I should be paid. Unsatisfied with my job, day in, day out. 

Or maybe I am those worker who had it good. High pay. Commissions. Good boss. Fast claim payments. Job security. Sponsored holidays. Bonuses. And such.

Just to make a point. I am so glad where I am and what I have achieved, if I am given the choice again, I will still open up my own business without missing a heartbeat, than working with someone else. 

Being your own boss has never been an option. It is the only option...


Ratty said...

You are right. It is the only option for some people. I have worked for other people most of my life, but I think I'm unsuitable for that. I do excellent work, but I never see my bosses as superior. I'm never arrogant about anything. But I think they still sometimes dislike me for this attitude. I am much better as my own boss.

online writer said...

getting employed is not everything. however, it's advantageous if you experience how it is to be an employee first and learn the trade before you run your own helps.

i think any country needs a lot of entrepreneurs to provide employment for their people so good luck on your plans and be a blessing to others.

kruel74 said...

Ratty - Being own boss is alaways better

OW -Entrepeneur is the real mover of a country

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