May 9, 2009

I used to hate contest

Before I knew the world of blogging, I consider contest is for wimps. The real contest in life is trying to live it while making sure all the convenience in the world is within reach and that is where you need to be at your best. If you cannot be at your best, then this contest call life will not reward you anything. In short, I hate contest because it is just one part of life that is being assess and it is more of luck than accuracy which will determine whether you win it or not. As I said, that was before I discovered blogging and the opportunity that it presents. 

It seems that there are still a lot of space for one to grow as although I am quite late in catching the blogging bug, it seems that there are not that many people here. I mean, in a country where there are 26 Million people, if the blogging community may only be around 100,000 or even more than that, say 500,000, which I doubt, that is just 3% to 5% of the population, which is to say, that is not that many people blogging in Malaysia. Even if you count how many people blog (actively) in the whole world, it might not reach even a billion people. 

You then have to take into account those people who blog for blogging sake meaning as a diary of event which happens around them like any other diary. From what I understand, that was the first purpose that blog was introduced. Before it became the money making machine that it is today for a few people or for people to have this thing called community through it (what I write here is all hypothetical with no supporting evidence, so if any blogger friends care to input or correct me, you are most welcome)

Back to entering and winning contest. I have been winning a few actually since I became a blogger. I believe I manage to win something because there are not that many of bloggers taking part. Some just need you to be part of a community and you can comment on the postings of that community like what All Malaysian Bloggers Project which is owned by one of Malaysia influential and most circulated newspaper, the Star. I won my first contest with them when I won the Madagascar screening tickets. I also won with them the new Guns N Roses CD and one whole week preview screening of the new Star Trek movie. Then I won a few with an online advertisment company called Nuffnang which include my first beauty pageant event and then a few products launches. Some I got to participate just because I own a blog. Through all these, I get to know new friends and learn new stuff. Some of the friends are people who are thousands of miles away. 

They say bloggers are anti-socials who live in the cyber world and out of touch with reality. I beg to differ. I think they are just those who like to disseminate their knowledge through different means and not all will be able to understand. Some people (which are mostly those in authority) think owning a website where their 'people' are the one doing the reading and posting is considered as blogging. Some just post a few lines per day and they consider themselves a blogger base on who they are in real life. There are so many type of blogs and bloggers and even video blog are considered as blogs nowadays, though some say they are not blogs.

With all this diversity and controversy I think I really like this blogging world and may not leave it just yet.... What's with all this summer movie tickets to be won!!!

Watched this movie thanks to blogging


Ratty said...

I love contests but I always seem to lose. A lot of people think I'm antisocial, but I think it's them. I'll say to someone, "Let me tell you about squirrels", and they just walk away. I think they're all nutz. :)

Kujie said...

saya rasa i ratus2 steps advance dr kawan2 yg tak de blog

Anonymous said...

Good post, kruel. *sigh* I'm pathetic when it comes to contest and competition. No such luck at winning...

curryegg said...

Lovely post Kruel.. :)
Seriously, I don't think online users can be labeled as anti-social in general context. In fact, some are even more sociable compare ever since they joined certain online community. Anyway, one should be congruence in real life and in online world in order to get the balance..

And Happy mama's day.. ;D

kruel74 said...

Ratty - Maybe it has to be with the right company. You have a lot of bloggers friends

Kujie - Memang nampak ratusan step nya

Clef - Try and try again

Curry - I think it is just the same whether you are online or not

WayeYoung said...

Nice one.
I never tried a contest before..
Maybe next time.

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