May 3, 2009

May Day

I never thought that the First of May as anything other than just another holiday. I was always thinking of what to do on such holidays. This time I spent it by spending half a day with some Star Trek fun. Maybe I am just too jaded that I did not realised there are those who think of May Day as a meaningful day. I was not unappreciative to workers as I would seem. I worked for others before. But it was not to really make a living. It was more to learn what working was all about. A few post ago I did say I wouldn't change any decision that I have ever made on how my career had become. That career did not start with with me getting my law degree.

I had worked at a restaurant once. Selling a delicacy well know in Malaysia called satay. Satay is like meat on a stick and has to be grilled on flames and eaten with a special sauce made from peanut. It is supposed to originate from Indonesia but Malaysian love to add some chillies on it. I worked there as a waiter while I was doing my law degree. I met the owner while I was touring Indonesia with my mom (how apt) and I asked the lady whether she had an opening at her restaurant. She said why not, she always need waiters, so as I still had 3 weeks before the new semester opened then, I took the opportunity to gain some money. It paid RM10 (USD2.85) for works between 6pm to 12pm. We basically had to be waiters and then clean up before closing the shop.

One of my other job is to be an office boy in a legal firm. I was living 50 km from Kuala Lumpur that one time in my parents' house and I had just finished my high school. It was just to fill time waiting for a place at the university and I decided to follow a neighbour who worked as an accountant in that legal firm. On the first week, I just followed him to see whether he need anyone for anything or not. He said I can actually help him sent some festive season cards. In short, I was the mail room guy. I never really get to see any legal stuff but seeing him living the high life made me decided to be a lawyer. I actually kind of a rival to the guy now. How time changes everything. I did write a post about it once. You can read it here.

If you see the trend, I always approached people at the most unlikeliest time whether they would want to have me as their employee. I was actually willing to do anything. Because of that I was also willing to bet my life on trying to strike out on my own when I became a lawyer. I actually never had to work for someone else as a lawyer and I am hoping I will never have to. Time are tough now but I still believe there are enough work for everyone. So, although this is a late post on May Day, I just hope my bloggers friend, wherever you are, whoever you are, whatever work you do, you had a meaningful 1st of May...


Calvin Soo KJ said...

better than becoming a gigolo....lolz

kruel74 said...

Is THAT bad?

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