May 10, 2009

Have fun in college but do learn something...

...and it does not necessarily mean your major.

I mean, I actually love the time I spent in college between 1992 and 1998. Love it to bits. I was not an A student. Not even a B student. I went to college not for the education. It was more for the fun. Serious fun. I mean, the all day, all night partying that you couldn't remember what you did type of partying. Actually, all this was not me (though I had my share). I was too goody two shoes to do it. But I did have my share of seeing my friends who partied too much or was too engrossed in something or another that they did not even graduated. Did it matter? Not one bit. One of them is an IT security expert. Another just changed his major and is doing quite well with his degree.

Life can start one way but end up another. You can plan to be a doctor or a lawuyer or whatever profession that seems to be the choice of affluent parents at that moment or is being pushed by the government as they are short of certain profession to help them in nation building. What usually happens is when you are those students who came into universities either locally or in foreign lands took a course which was supposed to be needed by your country such as due to shortage of doctors or nurses, then when you came back to your country, there are too many of doctors or nurses. So, these strategic planning by the government rarely came through. They will end up importing doctors and nurses. 

In my earlier part of this blog, I did write a fictional account of what I did when I was in college. You can find the links in my postings between August and October last year. I named that account Sold Soul on how one's journey from a law school to becoming a lawyer who was willing to do anything. I did not finish the writing as I found writing non-fiction accounts give me more satisfaction.

Anyway, back to college or university life. There are a lot of distraction when you are there. The party. The girls. The drugs. The party. The girls. You get the idea. Most of them are actually the same thing. Done over and over again. Started years ago. I bet even in ancient Rome, those toga parties those American fraternities are famous for, were done quite a bit too. Whatever you have did or done or are doing in college now and all that you have been through were all old news. It have been done again and again. So, is dropping out of college. Or not completing your degree or course or whatever you were sent there to take. Or just passing enough course to get that degree.

My simple advise is if you ever been to college, have all the fun that you can have. But do learn something. So, at least those fun time you had are not the only thing you gain there.

An old picture from college


BernardC said...

Mr Kruel,
hi, got any of my ugly sick picture at LG? LOL

College and uni life is great, an essential transition life!!

Anonymous said...

i learn more in college than i learn in school, and i was no longer spoon fed in college! Not only that, college life gives you more freedom to explore and adapt yourself to the rat-race environment.

Anonymous said...

i juggle between fun and studies.. can't afford to let down my parents, and myself too.. being in college is fun, absolutely fun.. time management is vital so that one will know when to play and when to study.. that's the most important factor in deciding how successful one is in college..

Sabrina said...

You know, I'm going through college now and every now and then, I have many outings with them. I think that college is fun and I'm still learning alot. It's just the matter of juggling between fun and education.

To me, it's much easier as I'm taking a course I love. Enjoying seems to come easily for me because I love and enjoy what I'm studying. I agree with Cleffairy, I'm learning more in college than in school! haha =)

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