May 29, 2009

Working Weekend

Don't you hate it sometimes when you have to go to work on a weekend?

That would always be the question which has been asked again and again by employees among them. How about the employers? Employers maybe those who hire you and ask you to work on weekends. Some of you have never met these so called 'employers'. Some are actually shareholders. So, do they work on weekends?

As for me, being on-call 24-7 is normal. I can never say no and I have to be accountable to all client. So, working on weekend comes naturally. Sometimes, we do have to attend events such as launching of a new phase within a development or a launch where we need to meet clients who are planning on buying our client's properties so that we can arrange a signing with them all the necessary documents at the office later that week. We do have that. But sometimes, a working weekend is not just these formal work. Like, tomorrow for instance.

Tomorrow, we are going to have to help out a client in which she is marrying off her daughter. And guess what, as much as it will look as if we are just there to have fun, we are actually there to ensure our beautiful faces will be remembered when the next time she needs a lawyer. She is the owner of a development smack in the middle of Kuala Lumpur. My partners, who are ladies, are more the one who have to 'work' tomorrow than me.

I am just there to eat the dinner... That is hard work too.... ; )


shvt said...

Are you making very much from your Adsense these days ? Just curious.


Ratty said...

Some working weekends are harder than others. Any time it's considered work, it's probably not very fun. I've had both easy and difficult working weekends.

Make sure you do a good job and have plenty to eat. :)

Jie said...

saya pun dah biasa.... bukan sesuatu yang pelik lagi.

pagi ni suami dah ke Kuantan - kerja satu hari. Petang balik.

Maria said...

I think I could handle a job eating dinner! Just kidding, I know what it's like to be expected places on the weekend no matter what the event is. Try to have a good time :)
Maria Michelle

BlurryLeo said...

Well, I'll try to avoid working during weekends as much possible. But it's hard to avoid at times due to tight project datelines. Worst of all, instead of working during weekends, I gotta work till like 2-3 am in the week days and still need to crawl to work the next morning. that's life :)

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