May 6, 2009

Power nap

I wrote once about how important is rest to making sure you are fully recharge everyday. This view is thanks to the master assassin Jason Bourne from Bourne Identity trilogy (the book, not the movie). He believe that sleep is important for him to function effectively as a killer. Not that I am training to be a killer or anything (though if not counting any religious belief, that would have been cool), I really know what he meant when he said "Rest is a Weapon".

However, this is more about power nap. Just a short nap at the office or anywhere you know you won't be disturbed to ensure that you can gain a bit of the freshness that you feel in the morning. I know quite a lot of my friends and clients who does it. They did it not because they did not have enough sleep or they are the type who parties all day and all night, but they do it just to make them ready to face the othjer half of the working day especially if they are planning for an all night session to catch up on a specific project.

They sleep just about anywhere. The bosses has their day bed to act as a place for them to nap. Some in Malaysia use the place where they pray as the place where they nap as prayer time is usually just a bit after 1pm. They can then straight away do their midday prayer before having something to eat and then came in into the office refresh. Some of those who doesn't really have a place to take a nap had even used their table to sleep. Either putting their head on their arm and sleep or some who are small enough did it under their table (you know who you are)

Do you do this? Just taking a nap to help you recharge?


Jenny said...

Apparently the older partners in my firm do Power Naps at lunchtime.

Usually the over 55s though. :)

My director contends that he will know the day he is old as the day when he requires daily naps during working hours.

Lisalicious said...

i find power nap after lunch is the greatest..

depending on when I wanna do that, got anyone plans to walk right into my place or not "-_-

kruel74 said...

Jenny - But I have a 20 something banker who does it too and she said it gave her more motivation after

Lisa - if you have a cubicle it is easier I think (or a corner office)

Anonymous said...

If you use PowerNap it is way better than trying to sleep normally. I used it and it felt really cool, and more importantly I felt really good afterwards.

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