May 4, 2009

I Can Relate to Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

This statement is so true as I was dating 8 girls when I met my wife. Ask her, it is not a secret. I even know my wife through one of my then girlfriend. How I wish I am as good looking in the rugged kind of way that Matthew McConaughey was in that film (or any other place he seems to pop up) but I was actually not even close to the word handsome, ever. Maybe it was just my confidence.

Among that 8 girls, there was a student, an accident adjuster, a lady of the night (kind of), a lawyer, and there was even the girl whom I finally married. I met her, dined her, exchange book with her but I did not exactly fell head over heel with her. It took time. It will not be like the scene in the movie trailer where McConaughey had to past through all the girls he had slept or gone out with as I was never a 'player' but you get the drift.

If I am given a choice, I actually would love to meet the girl of my dream early. It was just that I was never that popular in college and I had the chance to see the world when I work. In retrorespect, I think it was for the better. At least I got to know the world a but more before I settled down.

p/s - In case you guys are wondering why I posted a post not at my usual time or usual topic, it is for me to get tickets for my wife to see the movie below but what I told you up there are mostly true :


Kujie said...

ade niat rupenya... :p

sy tak pernah terfikir dan letak kretaria utk seorg lelaki...terjumpa, kenal dan kahwin.

kadang saya rasa saya lurus bendul


makcik said...

Baru nak tanya..nape post tgh2 malam?kerana tajuk dia ghost ke?hehe

makcik said...

Makcik tkejut gak..tgh2 malam post notes..apa hal plak ni?pasal tajuk dia ada ghost ke?hehe ada niat rupanya...

kruel74 said...

Kujie - Kalau kenal tak cinta? Camno?

Makcik - Sesekali buat out of the ordinary

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