May 1, 2009

If I could turn back time, I wouldn't change how my career came to be

Yesterday, I was given a chance to watch Star Trek and again, they used a travelling in time kind of storyline. It was different in a way as the cast are fresh and it was a whole fresh take on the Star Trek universe which have grown stale (if you ask me, but I am not a fan) which needed the makeover. We were treated to more than just the movie but also the glimpse of a Trekkie (Trekker) life in which in Malaysia seems to be quite a lot of them.

In line with that time travel episode, I just wondered whether I would ever change anything about my career if I am given a chance to turn back time. Come to think of it, I wouldn't want to change anything at all. I will still want it to be just like how it brounght me to where I am now. I was just thinking about how much I have done with the building of a small legal firm to a medium size one with the success and rejection of getting clients. 

Not all incidents leading to where we are now are bed of roses. Some just smack up there in term of I would rather forget it than being reminded about it but some are good memories which I want to be them just like they were. There were many times I told my business partner that I think of quitting but either I was too deep into it or she talked me out of it, I didn't. 

I want to make reference in Star Trek how one character travel into times and help the new crew of enterprise but I think it will be a spoiler to those who intend to watch it. Just that if that ever happens to me, I think I would be too embarrased to watch me struggling to find my way then. However, without all those experiences, I will never arrive here. To quote a corny movie line, which I forgot where I heard it "It made me who I am today..."
p/s - if you want to read my day at a Star Trek event, read it in my other blog. Link is just on the right of this posting....


Ratty said...

I would never want to change any past events about my life, even the bad ones. I believe that if anything is changed, it could wipe out everything that I know. The good things I remember would all be gone. I wouldn't want even the possibility of that happening.

kruel74 said...

That is one theory but maybe you can remember in some other throry ;)

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