May 23, 2009

Now I understand how to make money from blogging...Part 2

My earliest foray into making money from blogging was by using the deafult blogspot advertisement which is linked to Google which is Adsense. You can basically put advertisement everywhere in colours according to the template you choose. The only snag usually for amateur blogger like me is their high cashout amount (the amount of money in your account before you can ask to be paid) which is USD100.00. After blogging for nearly 9 months, I only managed to gain USD 40++ only from Adsense. Some bloggers to me that is quite good so I am keeping their ads on my blogs. What I like about them is their detail reporting and suggestions on how to generate more income and they now have more innovative advertisement than just lines of words in colours.

Then, I also joined the local blogging advertisement community in Malaysia called Nuffnang. They seem to be the popular choice among bloggers as a way to make money by having a widget at the top, side and between posts for their automatic advertisements to appear. Their cashout  is also quite low which is RM50.00. Even though it is low, I am still waiting for the time I can do just that. I have now reached RM40++ with them and hoping to cashout in a week or so as I have a good campaign with CIMB Bank and KFC on this very blog. You can know more by clicking on them. ; )

Nuffnang has a competitor in Advertlets which I have just joined when I realised I should spread my earning to other players as I have two blogs. I suspected Advertlets has very small staff members but it does has its own way in attracting advertisers and bloggers. As of April 2009, the experiment in comparing the company has started.

As Nuffnang is very protective of their turf, they have this special privilege that they give to those who only give space for their ads and not to competitors in the South East Asia region. That special membership is called Gliterratis (Advertlets also has one too, called Titan for bloggers who stuck with them for more than 3 months). I am a Glitterati from day one. Then, I was bumped down to an ordinary member when a new advertisement company, which I believed was from USA is said to be originating from Asia. That advertiser was Adgitize. I was confused and this reason of Nuffnang keep bumping me off from Gliterrati to Ordinary made me decided to finally pull off my other blog, As Good As It Gets, from being one of the registered blog with Nuffnang.

This is the end of Part 2. Read more on Adgitize and Social Spark tomorrow...


Ratty said...

The main thing I have trouble with is making money from blogging. I haven't figured out how to do this very well at all. I tried a few different things, like Adgitize. But I either didn't understand them, or they didn't seem worth the amount of money. I'm still looking for something good.

square said...

Wow, seems you are really doing well. The problem with me is most of my users doesn't click the ad. So I am waiting for a CPM ad campaign but that's seems quite impossible now. How many uniques do you get per day? I am jut curious. Do you get the CPM campaign from NuffNang?

lina said...

I got bumped from Glitterati to Ordinary member due to Adgitize too. When I questioned the rationale, they replied that they view Adgitize as their direct competitor, which to me is weird. Nuffnang also sent me an e-mail to remove Adgitize ads, but at the moment, I like Adgitize better than Nuffnang, so I'm sticking with it.

Eddie said... got money from blogging and even cashing out soon, so jangan lupa belanjar after cashing out...hahaha!

kruel74 said...

Ratty - I didn't understand a lot actually at first and still experimenting

square - I do get CPM from Nuffnang and sometimes do not get clicks too. I only get between 150 to 300 uniques thanks to Entrecard..

Lina - I too now believe Adgitize is better too but I love NN events

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