July 1, 2009

The beautiful girl bloggers at PJ Challenge Bloggers 'K'arnival

Amanda Choe and Ellie Chee

Of course, a blogger carnival without the presence of some beautiful girls to give their point of view will not be a perfect carnival. After presentations by an all male bloggers who were informative, these girls managed to hold their own. Being beautiful did helps but their presentation did come with their own warning about being a girl blogger. There was even some nudity! (censored of course). Amanda Choe runs her blog by the name of The Opposite of Chocolate and Ellie Chee has a blog called Missycheerio.com. Cute right?

Hey, that is my face up there, just 2 faces from the left

Amanda started the talk telling her experience in using her blog to promote and doing a portfolio of herself. She is an aspiring model and she has graced a few magazines. I asked her at the end whether her career would have been what it is today if not for her blog, she said know. She managed to get where she is today due to her blogs and then of course, through hard work. She stood out that day and I think it comes from being confident in front of cameras. As I actually never knew her before that event, I did go to check her blog out and true enough, it is more of a body of work than a personal account. She did use her blog to her advantage.

As for Ellie, using her screen name of MissyCheerio, she did seem chirpy and happy as her name is. She told us how her blog is more personal and how she has been blogging for nearly 5 to 6 years. She actually grows up in her blog and how it help her to grows up. In short, her blog is more personal. She is an architectual student and she is more than just a pretty face.
And did I tell you that both these girls had tonnes of pictures in their blogs. Being beautiful, I bet some of their readers are more interested in them than really reading their blog. Then, Ellie told us of the darkside of being in the public eye (although in cyber world). Some of those who approached her asked to chat with her using MSN and as he used someone she knows as an icebreaker, she thought that he was harmless. Then she got the shock of her life, when he did this :

Maybe no one told her there was going to be kids at the event but I did saw this picture before in her blog. I also know that there was this one time a local newspaper published the issue about online sexual abuse and she was one of the interviewee. That must have been a shock to her and did I mentioned these girls are just entering their 20s and as pro as they are in their blogging, they are still learning life. Being stalked and being a sex object made them grew up really fast. Hey, isn't that what fame has made a few Hollywood stars like what they are today? So, parents, if your young girl starts blogging, better be aware of the people they meet.

p/s - I know some maybe too bored already with this posting about an outdated event which was 2 weeks ago but I do have a point to make in one or two post down the road....


Lainy said...

I am not bored.. Keep them coming!

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

hi, you've just been tagged! Enjoy! :)

Lee said...

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Neo said...

I am bored, but keep more pretty bloggers coming!

Aliblogblog.com said...

But is there any good looking male bloggers? :)

Ratty said...

This is not boring at all. It's a very interesting look at these two female bloggers. You show how blogging can benefit people like them, and also that there can be a bad side to the fame for a female blogger. Good story.

JY Shops said...

wow.. that guy so disgusting lar..

kruel74 said...

Lainy - There will be one more posting on this event and maybe one full of pictures

Jean - Thanks?

Lee - Thanks for the tip

Neo - These are the only pretty bloggers presenting that day but I do one posting full of pics ok

Ali - Today's post (tonite midnte, Malaysia time) will be about hensem male bloggers

Ratty - Just putting what I've learned

JY - Yep, and just imagine if it happens to you or someone you know

Chili Crab said...

No, no, it's not bored at all!!!

Anonymous said...

lol this is not your typical blogging style.. ;)

i wonder why female bloggers who blog about their personal life are more popular? it is because they are active within the blogsphere?


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