July 31, 2009

Is Connor Mead the embodiment of a real photographer? Ghosts of Girlfriend Past review

I know a few famous photographer in Malaysia, a country which surprisingly has a few creative people well known around the world. Zang Toi of New York. Jimmy Choo of London. And a few other. Okay, those a fashion icon but we do have a few photographers who are in demand the world over although many in Malaysia may not know them by name. Like my famous photographer name KidChan who is making a name for himself around the world. Go to his blog KidChan.com to see who is this emerging talent who is sought from Australia to Europe.

This post is actually about the concept of photographer being womanisers and bed all those models that they photograph. Meeting and knowing a guy like Kid Chan and a few bloggers who are good in what they do, which is to photograph people, I beg to differ with this new movie Ghosts of Girlfriend Past, which has Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Garner as the main characters. I got to see it for free last 2 Thursday thanks to Nuffnang and here is my two sen worth of the movie.

Two days before the screening of Ghosts of Girlfriend Past, I also went to watch The Prosposal staring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynold. I have to say I enjoyed the former more. Ghosts of Girlfriend Past surprisingly have more enjoyable moments and even some lessons than the Proposal which does not give the characters room to develop. In GOGP, the characters are interesting like Michael Douglas being a dead uncle who womanise his way through life then became the one who actually gave lessons to Connor Mead (McConaughey) on why being a womaniser is actually bad for you. Of course, the storyline came from Dicken's Ghosts of Christmas Past which was about Scrouge. The premise of this movie is about a Scrouge of love. 

Both movies tried to dispense lessons but only one really succeed. If you have to choose, go watch Ghosts of Girlfriend Past and bring along that selfish friend of yours. Especially if he is a photographer.


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