July 8, 2009

If only one big event for bloggers can be held

I have attended a few events in last month that would have been a big one complete event event for bloggers if it were done together. Don't get me wrong, the two events, PJ Challenge Bloggers 'K'arnival and eLawyers - Exabytes Penang Bloggers and Law Forum 2009 were successful in their own ways.


For the first event it was held on 20.6.09 and you can read the report for the event here (initial posting), here (presentation by Kenny Sia), here (presentation by Niki Cheong), here (2 beautiful girl bloggers), here (2 visual media bloggers) and finally, here (prsentation by 2 ad guys). As for the second event, which was held on 27.6.09, I posted 2 reports here and here. There was one Bloggers and Law Forum which was held in Kuala Lumpur, earlier the year, which you can read here.

The first event was by bloggers, supported by an association which wants to did something different and in celebration of the third anniversary of a city called Petaling Jaya. The city was considered a town before that although it has been in existence since Malaysia came into existence (that is one fact which deserce a post on its own). Anyway, the blogging event was very well organised and the prizes given were also great. 2 notebooks and 2 netbook among some of them. Sponsors were aplenty. My only complain is the attendance by the bloggers which can be more than those who had turned up.

As for the second event, the issue of attendance was also brought up by the organisers when they found out that there were only a few sign-up 2 weeks before the event. They had to go all out to entice people to come and used all the avenues available. They did manage to get some 30 people to come. As it was within a university compound, the timing of the event which was when the students were on holiday may played a part. Anyway, the lawyers who gave their presentation were good (in which I may be the weakest link) and if bloggers had come, they would have gained more knowledge.

Based on my observation, if someone takes the initiative, there can be one event on a national level where all bloggers whatever affiliate they choose can congregate and meet up and exchange ideas and attend talks and ask questions and give opinion and basically do all the things that bloggers love to do. The level of blogging is already at its best in Malaysia and those in authority or even any one of the big IT guys should take this advantage and maybe use it as a platform to market the products. I maybe wrong in saying there seems to be no effort for it as there are 2 big blog advertisement companies which never seem to do anything together (again, I might be wrong). Maybe this one event have to be sparked off by some higher being, either those in authority or those with money and they will be one of the attendees or even sponsor.

By the way, all this is just a thought though one day we may see it come true and then maybe one day an international one can be held too. Hey, those Google and Intel and Microsoft did trillions of money already what. Why not spend some for a(nother) good cause.


e l d y said...

Pity me, a teen blogger which live in east-Malaysia > only can witness blogger party (T.T)"

Ratty said...

This could be a huge money maker for the big corporations if they did it right. It would be a great marketing opportunity.

yoon see said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, you are so active.
I have been inspired by you:)

kruel74 said...

eldy - Maybe one day all bloggers can come together either virtually or in reality

Ratty - If they know how to get people to come

Yoon - I try but I think we always learn...

Niki Cheong said...

Eh, you organise lah big bloggers event! :D

kruel74 said...

Niki - Might take that challenge

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