July 10, 2009

How lawyers contribute to charity

Last Friday, exactly one week ago, there was a charity event which was held by the Kuala Lumpur Bar which is basically one part of the Malaysian Bar Council. It was an annual event which is done to collect money for charity. As the Bar Council of Malaysia has nearly 12,000 plus lawyers and half of them are practising in Kuala Lumpur, you can just imagine the lawyers who came and contributed to the event. Furthermore, it was run by a hip and cool chairman, who knows what lawyers wanted to see and hear for them to contribute to society.

This years event was their fifth (I think) and they had decided to do it in the middle of Kuala Lumpur, our nation capital. It was at this bar which serves wicked pizza and located at a new lifestyle mall called CapSquare, short for Capital Square which is a throwback to the developer's name Capital Land. The bar hosted the event and as they have a stage which is can be seen from all around the room, people can mingle and still see the show.

How do lawyers get money for charity? Of course, lawyers are notorious for not willing to part with their money without getting some benefit, but some of us do have a heart. So, they throw a showdown contest between lawyers who have firms in Kuala Lumpur (which I do not as my state's association's charity drive is more drab and is a boring affair) and those who did their stuff then has to asked from the crowd to put in their contribution in a box where a member of their firm would asked the lawyers in the bar to contribute. Amazingly, the taking was quite good. The winner of the show is not by the best entertainer but the one which brings in the most contribution. Innovative right?

 Lest I want to be sued, better I let the image be a bit distorted....

Anyway, the one which really made the crowd went wild was the pole dancing by these 3 girls. They flipped and split and even did amazing manouvers which if seen in another situation might be inappropriate. They did got the crowd going. Am not sure how much did they managed to get but I bet their company was one of the highest contributor to the night's coffer.

So, that was how high the standard needed to get lawyers to part with their money. And oh, the girls are lawyers too and one of them I recognised as my junior in college.


Ratty said...

Those girls must be very popular lawyers after that. This all must be a great event. I'd love to have some good pizza, the stuff around here seems worse every time I have it.

kruel74 said...

I think they are already popular without doing that... and yes, the pizza there are good.

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