July 18, 2009

The man on the moon

'If you believe, there is a man on the moon", so said the lyric from the song Man on the Moon by REM, which has nothing to do at all with the lunar landing. For me, it was an apt song to be played on the radio the 40th celebration of the Lunar Landing on 20th of July but alas, R.E.M is a half-dead band, with Michael Stipes voice nowhere to be heard. For now. Hope they make a comeback before what happened to Michael Jackson happens to anyone on band. Teach the college band on air nowadays what it meant to be a band adored by all the college's kids.

Anyway, this Monday 20th of July 2009, marks the 40th anniversary of the day the immortal words "One small step for man, one giant step for mankind" was uttered by Neil Armstrong. I was at a small event held by Omega, the watchmaker which commemorate the launch of the lunar landing (so, that word may have been uttered a few days after) on Thursday. 

The wristwatch that they make for the commemoration is being sold for RM290,000-00 (USD80,000-00) and Malaysia got one for any interested buyer. In the whole world, there are only less than 100 pieces. The wristwatch comes with small gold bar and get this, the box all these things contained, is worth RM10,000-00 (USD3,000-00). It is made from platinum and has some gold in its face.

Hey, it is to commemorate a very momentous time in the history of men, right? So, paying good money for such privilege is one of the best way to spend it right? Maybe you can see the man on the moon if you look hard enough.

Here is some pictures :



Ratty said...

It's going to be a great thing when somebody finally goes back to the moon.

kruel74 said...

Yep, too long of a wait...

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