July 5, 2009

The ad guy bloggers at PJ Challenge Bloggers 'K'arnival

I had to do this final part of the bloggers carnival a little later than I intended as I posted a rant and a paid post on Friday and yesterday respectively. I can just feel Google watching over my posts and will be lowering my PageRank in the next assessment by them as I have too many paid post on this blog. Yes, I have crossed over to the other side and have decided that I do want the extra money, if given a chance once in a while but sometimes the timing just screws up my usual flow. As I said, I have a proposal for the bloggers community in Malaysia which I can only post here after I finish reporting the PJ Challenge Bloggers 'K'arnival which happened last 2 weekends and the Blogging and Law event last weekend. So, if there are readers out there, please bear with me, for a few more post.

After the celebrity blogger, the media blogger, beautiful girl bloggers and the visual media bloggers, finally, the guys who came in next are the nearest that you can see the impact of blogs on marketing. These guys use blogs to market stuff. Interesting right? 

One of them was Josh Lim who owns the blog under his own name and the other guy is Soon Wei, an advertising guy who uses blog as a marketing tool. He also has a blog in his own name. Josh is the owner of an advertising portal for bloggers called Advertlets and Soon Wei is the guy behind an advertisement for a hair gel called Brylcreem which tried to market their products to younger generation. The advertisement is only on the internet (which I never seen) and is quite amusing. You can be interactive with the character and this is where you have your fun. Check it out here.

Josh started off by presenting hios theory about famous blogger. Either you blog until you are famous and become a famous blogger or you are famous, you blog and becomes a famous blogger too. His segment was simply about the link between advertisement and blogging and the effectiveness of harnessing the power of blogging to reach out to audience.

Then the second half of their segment is the Soh Hen Sem campaign which managed to increase the market share of Brylcreem when they finished the campaign. At the Q&A session, I asked whether advertisement on internet really help marketeers in promoting their products. Their verdict were that it does reach out to certain demographic between 16 to 35. This is an important market segment for a lot of retailer and will increase in due time as these demographic will grow up and dominate the market soon.

I found this poster when I came early and Josh did not even know it existed. Josh is also one of the organising committee for the event and you can check his blog about the event. All of the presenters have basically did a post on their blogs and you can read what each thought of the event.
That is it for the posts from the PJ Challenge Bloggers 'K'arnival and one last post to tomorrow full of pictures on what happened other than people talking their heads off...

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