July 29, 2009

Bookbinders Design : Quality notebooks and such

I have this one friend from my law school whom I considered to be the benchmark for me when comparing my grasp of English with the world. She is half Irish and has even had the difficulty of speaking Malay in her early year of schooling. From her own story (which she might not even remember), one of the word that she learnt of Malay was "pokok", meaning "tree". She is the only person I couldn't beat in our compulsary English class when we were in law school. I considered that to be the best that I can attained, then, as I was never educated in a proper English medium school.

Anyway, when we graduated, she did her chambering and then she practice for just a few years before going off-tangent from the legal fraternity and joined a radio station. It was not even as a radio announcer. It was as a web content editor. Very much not what she studied in law school. Then she decided she needed a new challenge. What she did was she bought a franchise. She opened up the franchise in an upscale neighbourhood and she marketed it through the newly known Facebook. It was actually a success.

She went through up and down. Opened up a few branches. Another stand alone. One within a well-know superstore. Closed the stand alone. Had some dispute with the mall where it is located. Moved the first branch within the same mall but at a different location. Maintain the old clientele. Gain new ones. Trademark the brand, through my office (Yes, We Do Intellectual Property!!!! Hint! Hint!). She is still there after 3 (was it 4) years. And I think that itself is an achievement.

The shop is called Bookbinder Design. And it does not bind books. It originated from Sweden and they actually do their binding of books designed by a few craftsman by hand. Their main site is Bookbinders Design and here is their Facebook link for the Malaysian store. Here are some pictures to give you an idea what they have in store :

Words are not sold there

Shelves of empty binded books for you to do that

All sort of colours

Even for those lovely pictures

These can be a photo album or to store CDs

They even give ideas what to do with their products

My purchase the day I went there


rei99 said...

wheres the shop? im kinda bookbinder fetish la lol...i cant stand pretty & neat book cover

synical said...

I've seen the shops in BSC (still there or not?) and The Gardens.

Like the stuff, but my wallet would disagree :P

Jerine said...

hey,there's a bookbinders here in melbourne. but the shopkeeper was not helpful at all. i was looking for a japanese sketch moleskine and since they sell moleskine, i asked the shopkeeper if he has that. he looked at me and said, "is there such thing or you just made it up?" i was like WHAT????

kruel74 said...

Rei - In Bangsar Shopping Centre, 2nd floor

Synical - Yes, they are a bit expensive but they do last. The one Gardens is closed

Jerine - Sorry to hear that. Hope it don't happen here in Malaysia

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