July 30, 2009

Lessons from being a product tester (P1 Wimax Wiggy)

I returned my tester wimax (fast broadband) thingy last Wednesday after holding on to it for 3 months (or more) and that was the finish of my first product testing in my life. I never got another try with any other product (yet!) and may not even be asked to test any other product, ever. Heck, this company who gave me this product had asked others to test some other product and I was not even one of the testers.  Here is the company's website for you to see what it was I was testing - P1 Wimax.

The picture of their headquarters with the name of their parent's company (Greenpacket)

I learned a few lessons from this product testing which I might use if ever I am asked again to do the same :

1) Do ask what they from you. I mean if they have spend the time to ask you to test something and give you something for free, at least know what they want and that require some effort on your part;

2) Do their survey when they asked you to;

3) Keep in touch with them either by email or telephone;

4) Return back the product in one piece;

5) Be nice to them as they may give you another chance to do another product testing;

6) You can always keep in touch with them via their emails, websites, twitter or whatever means, even after you gave away the product you tested;

7) Be appreciative that you have been given a chance to be a tester especially if it is a new thing in the market. At least you get it tp be one of the first to try it out;

8) Be REALLY honest to them about the product. I mean, although it may seem harsh, they do give it to someone as they wanted to know what is the market's reaction to the product. What I love about them was the honesty of their staff including the CEO who said to us "Whack us!" in reference to any shortcomings;

I think there are other seasoned product tester out there and I actually got to do it this one time thanks to an invitation by a blogger friend. Another benefit of being a blogger.


Ratty said...

Good advice. I hope I get to test something one day, and I hope you do again.

kruel74 said...

Here's to hope

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