July 17, 2009

Don't Worry, Be Happy

A song by Bobby McDerrin which won him Grammys in the 1980s but the best advice any business person should always carry in his heart. Ever heard of it? Where he whistle and sang about how his life is taking turn for the worse including being litigate by his landlord and the chorus says 

Don't Worry, Be Happy.

My question of the day, Can You?

Actually, for me, trying to attain this type of peaceful feeling in whatever situation I am in, however bad things have become is one of my personal goal and why I go to work. Weird huh? Working to attain something that you can get if you just go back to the real way people should live. To feed themselves and their families. That is it.

Why life need to be complicated with so many things to worry about is beyond answering? I think no one can be blame or find who started it all. Modern life means not seeing all that what we call waste or having to deal with it. We tend to hide all this and is willing to pay for it.

So, as much as we can live a life of not worrying and always being happy, we can't deny the fact that with the world as it is, there is no such things. Unless we are one of those who cannot think anymore.
This is what no worries mean...


Mother Goose said...

I have always felt that worry is a waste of time. Every problem has two possible outcomes. 1)Everything will be fine. If this is the case you spent a lot of time worrying for nothing. 2)The problem needs resolution. If that is the case, set about trying to fix things. Worry won't do that. A positive attitude is needed at all times.

YULI said...

i'm trying my best not to worry about things. but words are easier said than done. :l

our sleeps exactly the way that cat does

Your Daily Cute said...

Cats have the most carefree lives, don't they? If we could all adopt that attitude, the world would definitely be a more peaceful, amazing place...

kruel74 said...

Mother Goose - I always believe solving a problem is better than worrying

YULI - But do it we must

YDC - Agreed

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