July 25, 2009

I missed my blog anniversary, but... (Part 2)

Continue from yesterday's post

After all those sites that I have listed before, I still has a few other internet websites which I visit every single day to get more traffics. Both involve a bit of work as you have to visit other blogs and websites after you log-in into them to gain points, traffics and even some money. It takes a lot of time and hard work but they are fun. Okay, if you are not really in the mood, it is not fun but it can be, if you take the time. You get to read blogs and in one of the website, you can play games too. These sites are :

Blogexplosion : A website where you list your blog, play games like Blog Tycoon (where you can make lots of points), Blog Rocket and Battle of the Blog. I visit this site all day long when my game has reached its end. If you don't want to play any game, you can just surf and gain points out of it. And surprisingly, playing these games actually bring traffics which has to stay at your blog for a certain time (30 seconds). Click the referral button below to experience it :

Adgitize : I usually visit this site in the afternoon as the time change to 12am wherever this site is parked in the Worlwide Web. Which I can't put a banner here as Nuffnang consider them as a rival advertiser and I will be penalised by them. However, therough them, I actually makes money for visiting other blogs. But, you have to spend it first. Here is the breakdown. For an advertisement for one month will cost you $14-00. For that investment, if you visit 50 blogs per day for a whole month, you will gain $18-00 at least. That is if you have a blog post every day, like me as you get points for your blog postings. This is my priority nowadays for my other blog, As Good As It Gets;

EasyHits4U : This site changed its counts at 3pm my time which connotes 12pm at wherever this site is park (I think). A site which is dominated by websites and only a few blogs. It also can you a little money and traffic but you must also work for it. They divide it into sections of 25 then if you reach 100, it becomes section of 50 then so on. Just joined it recently and not sure of its effectiveness. However, I see a lot of paid ads there so there must be something to it;

Traffic Exchange with 150,000+ members

Entrecard : Or better known as the bloggers business card. They are those 125 x 125 mm widget you see just beside my blogs which has the letter 'E' below it. It is embroiled in controversy for the past 2, 3 months but is very, very effective in bringing traffics to your site. And it is one of the website where you have to work for it to get visitors. You have to visit 300 blogs per day to be really relevant but if you partner it with your Adgitize dropping (the term use for visiting blogs by clicking on the widget), you can make it easier. I drop my cards after my office hour and this will take me nearly 2 to 3 hours. This is actually one of the problem I have with my wife as I will be rushing to drop cards while we are planning something.

All these are websites I use to bring in traffic as I don't believe in getting traffic from real readere, yet. It has been one year and I still think without some work, I will only be generating minimal traffic. However, tomorrow, I will list out what other things and milestones which I have experience since I started blogging 1 year ago.

And without it, I will not be gaining so much. Like friends, better writing skills, better train of thoughts, opportunity for events and even clients for my business.
to be continued...


Ratty said...

Yeah, you are exactly right. These places are the best for getting a blogger noticed. Before I started using some of them I was lucky to get half a dozen visitors a day. There are also some very interesting blogs on these places too.

kruel74 said...

Yes, if not I wouldn't have discovered you

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