July 26, 2009

A prayer for Yasmin Ahmad

As my title say, I just want to stop the clock and just say a prayer for Malaysia national icon who were more appreciated in some country than Malaysia itself. She deserved more than what she ever got here. Which may not even change even though she is no more. 

As too many postings have been done on her accomplishments, I just linked them here, if you are interested to know who is this giant among us :-

1) My earlier post, 3 days ago -

2) By a news reporter - Nuraina A Samad 

3) By a blogger reporter - Kickdefella 
- Updates - First one (Thursday) and Second one (Saturday)

4) By another blogger reporter - Niki Cheong - Personal experience with her 

5) By a blogger turn politician - Jeff Ooi - Although not a Muslim, he says it best 

6) By a financial reporter blogger - Salvatore Dali - Elevating her to a new status

7) By a prolific Malay blogger - Kujie - In Malay it is still poignant

8) By A Malaysian Abroad

9) By Kue

10) by My Adha

11) 2 post by my Chinese friend
- Rants of Orang Terbang 1
- Rants of Orang Terbang

Most of the headlines are given by me and these are just blogs that I follow. Just imagine how she had affected our life here in Malaysia. Her blog is left with a note on an unfinish movie she is making commissioned by another country. The link to her blog The Storyteller, Part 2 where the last post is a song she wished to use in that latest movie.

For me, I am praying for her since the day she collapsed. As a Muslims, there is a belief that when you die on a Friday (the evening she collapsed it was Thursday but for Muslims, our day starts at 7pm, so it was already Friday then) you get a fastrack ticket to heaven. 



Lisalicious said...

a talented and good heart woman

Malaysia will miss her terribly

Kujie said...

when someone was gone
the only left are the words
the words taken the life
and began to spreading in other people’s mind.


Ratty said...

I only know of her through your blog, but she seems like a great person. My thoughts are with her.

*lynne* said...

I just found Tony Fernandes' post about the late Yasmin, fyi.

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