July 13, 2009

Ferrari California : The Cheapest Ferrari?

...if you consider RM1.7 Million (USD500k) as cheap then this is one of the cheapest Ferrari ever.

Was invited to the launching of the car last Thursday thanks to a new friend who had to do with the company that sold the car. I had been to an event thrown by them once when they had a ball opening the new showroom for Ferrari in Malaysia and I expected a good evening during this time too. It was a bit of a letdown as they trimmed the event from a full blown dinner party to a cocktail style reception but it was still grand nonetheless. Here are some pictures of the car and the launch :

The car coming out from behind the curtain

From behind

From the front

I am a bit critical of the look of the car as it seems that it does not look like a Ferrari but more of a certain other sport car from another company. As Ferrari is more known for a certain look which makes it looking like a mean machine which has no mercy if you ever had the chance to be in front of it.

For this new Ferrari, though affordable and is enough for me to dream of owning it (if I can sell all my investments and sleep in the car), I just might not as I don't think people will realise that it is a Ferrari. And having a name like Ferrari California. Hmmmm....
p/s : It is named California as it supposed to show the free spiritedness like Californians... (whatever that means)

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