July 2, 2009

The the visual media bloggers at PJ Challenge Bloggers 'K'arnival

After the pro blogger, Kenny Sia and the journo-blogger, Niki Cheong had their say, the next bloggers were the fun bloggers who were paired together and showed us what fun meant in the blogsphere (to me at least). They were actually those bloggers whose blogs are full of pictures and videos than words. If Kenny Sia and Niki Cheong talked about how to be wordsmiths, these guys are picture-smiths, if there is such a term as they use Photoshop to its utmost potential. And Youtube and then some.

The bloggers are Rames from rames.blogspot.com and Jason from Smashpop.net. They told us of their evolution form taking pictures using normal cameras before migrating to digital cameras and then to DSLR. Their presentation itself is not a how-to but more of a picture show of what their bodies of work are.

Jason started first by showing how he uses the Header part of his blog to entice readers. Currently, his blog has all the headers that he has along the years. If you ever been to this blog before, I did not have a header before but after hearing Jason telling that it can actually help bloggers to gain new readers, I tried my hand and I have a header now (that cat is mine named Muffin and I asked her to model for me to take that picture). He change his header nearly every other month and you can see from the current header how innovative they were. When he was introduced, the MC told us how he was sent to Monte Carlo to do a coverage of an event. He did say blogging and taking pictures had really elevate his career. Oh, he does has a trademark jump which he showed us (I asked him to do it) which seems to have virally being infecting other bloggers here in Malaysia.

As for Rames, he was introduced as the most famous Indian blogger in Malaysia. I can see why as the girl beside me suddenly had an orgasm seeing him then and there. I mean, she was ecstatic. She even changed seats to get to the front so that she can be nearer to the stage. Rames seem to have fans. I only heard of him that day. However, when I went to his blog, I can see how he is considered as a great blogger (regardless of his race, which is not relevant to what he has to offer anyway). He loves to play with Photoshop and he did try to show some of his body of work. One that stuck to my mind is where he has his upper body grafted to a horse, in line with an advertisement (which I can't recall). When I get his card later, it seems that he works for a well-known cable company here in Malaysia.
p/s - I thought I can finish my post for this event but it seems that I still have 2 more posts to go with one of it is the event pictures (again) as some of you did ask for it


Ratty said...

They have excellent looking blogs. I'm glad you're sharing this event. It's fun to know a little of what it's like.

kruel74 said...

I really love that you like it and I myself was surprised at the eclectic nature of blogs, which yours is an example too

Irenelim said...

I must go on the stage and jump too! :)

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