August 18, 2009

15 Malaysia is not enough but it is a great start

As a part of a media team (which I was surprised to be a part of as I never thought bloggers as media), I was invited for an entertaining evening by a new broadband powerhouse in Malaysia, which goes by the name P1 Wimax. This is the same P1 Wimax which I have mentioned before in my earlier post which had allowed me to test one of their product which is called a Wiggy. I had stated in that post a bit of frustration in their service but as a person, I love how they do their public relation. They seem to hit all the right button with the media in trying to promote their new business. They have just turned 1 year old yesterday and I think they can be a company to be reckoned with in a few years (not that they are not now but it is too early to tell).

Free popcorn and drinks for all

Anyway, the event that they invited me too was a very unique event. It is the showcase of 15 films (14 actually as 1 did not finished on time, yet) which were commissioned by P1 Wimax to coincide with the independence day of Malaysia on 31st August this year. These films are only available online. The brainchild of a singer, writer and patriot extraordinaire, a guy by the name of Pete Teo. He was the man behind another Malaysia unity project by the name of Malaysia Artist for Unity or MAFU and as was told by the CEO of P1 Wimax, Pete approached them 8 months ago and proposed this idea. P1 Wimax commissioned them and yesterday all were unveiled (except one) and we were treated to the shorts in an IMAX theatre.
The idea of making 15 short films by extraordinary directors, accomplished in their own ways. Some are known by Malaysian but some are only known outside of Malaysia. The pictures above are combo pictures of them and I think most would love to be known for the films they have done for this project.

This post will be really long if I want to do it in one posting. I am going to do a few postings as the films are released gradually every Monday, Wednesday and Friday over the next few weeks. It started yesterday and will end on 16th September 2009 which is Malaysia Day (different than Malaysia Independence Day). Some  of the postings may be about the films being released released and what I understand out of it. When I saw some of it, some left a taste of bitterness as they are social commentaries which are true but hard to swallow. Most can be viewed as humorous but the messages will also make you think. They are all inherent to Malaysia but it may also apply elsewhere too. The website for the downloads is Currently, there is only one film which has been released called Potong Saga (a play on word of our national car which is Proton Saga) which is about the misconception of Islamic finance and has to do with circumcision (a joke among the non-Muslims who wants to marry any Muslim girl) :


Ratty said...

All I can say is that video was painfully funny.

Unknown said...

Yep, painful is the best word to describe it

Kujie said...

memang 'potong saga' sebab yang tak potong pun body dah lunyai

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