August 5, 2009

Same business, different approach

Usually, within an industry, there are a lot of business being opened in the same vein, approached the same clients and even competing for the same job. In a healthy industry, the more businesses there are, the more efficient one business would be as you would want to give the best that you can give in order for you to get repeat customer. You will lose that customer if you service them badly or they seem to think the worse of you. Sometimes, you have given your best but it can still happen. At least you have given your best.

A legal firm is build in the same vein. Lawyers open up legal firm any other day, especially those who are sent by parents who were already lawyers and wanted them to take over the business one day. There are a lot of lawyers who are in the business due to family pressure. Some just do it for the sake of their parents and some are really serious in continuing the legacy.

The best way to really run and understand the business of legal firm is to start your own firm and starts from scratch. However, the trial and tribulation can make or break you and even some had to learn the hard way, as noble as a lawyer wants to be, it is all dollar and cent in the long run which will keep you in the business. I have been fortunate to get some projects which helped me along the way. Some people who started earlier than me had to struggle first before striking their pot of gold. Some are spoon fed. Some never struck anything at all. Some are in the business for the 'nobler' cause and they just scrapped by though their name might be in the news every day taking on the giants of corruption and such.

As for me, I am glad at where I am now though after some times, I have to admit, it is getting tougher to maintain the business.


yoon see said...

same foes to all business, all the best!

kruel74 said...

Yoon See - Thanks

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