August 21, 2009

Is it important to have HugeFollowing on Twitter?

I have been collecting followers on Twitter for the past few months like crazy. If not for two regularization by Twitter, in which they cleaned up spam bots and those who spam, I would have reached 2000 followers a long time ago. However, Twitter did cleaned up  their registry and it was only after several months  I managed to finally get more than 1000 followers. Of all those 1000 followers, I  actually know around a hundred of them personally. Some I do know in real life and some are those whom I know are real persons when I exchange ideas with them through Twitter. As for the other followers, as to why they are following me, that is a mystery to me.

I have not been able to explain to my offline friends who wanted to utilize Twitter, what is Twitter and what does it do. In simplest term, I simply refer them to the working of another more powerful social networking site called Facebook. There is the function of status updates in Facebook and that is basically what Twitter is. To update your followers, who might be your friends or not, what you are doing. It may be as mundane as eating some pasta or as important as giving a speech to the whole nation (Malaysia's Prime Minister do has a Twitter account which he updates regularly).
What is amazing about Twitter are the new friends you can make from it, the new business you can generate from it and some new money-making mechanisms you can get to learn. There are a lot of new things inside Twitter. You can even stalk celebrities using Twitter.

How do you do all this? One of the way is to Twitter and find out how it works. Add some people in as friends (followers) and follow some other people as their follower. Some might follow you back. Introduce yourself through the Direct Message feature. If you have an iPhone,  you can use some of the applications in iPhone made for Twitter like Tweetdeck. Blackberry  also has a Twitter called TwitterBerry, among others. There are a lot of them around for people who have different devices to utilize.

If you want to have more followers, try the few sites which can help you promote yourself, like Huge Following. You can also do it manually by looking for interesting people and following the one by one. When you have a certain amount of followers, then you will understand the power of Twitter.

I did and now Twitter gives me at least USD$2-00 per day...



Ratty said...

I'm still very new to Twitter, so I still don't understand it very much. I have been simply using it as quick updates from my hiking or nature watching. I think there is value with Twitter, but I have not yet found it.

kruel74 said...

Try it and maybe you will be better at it than me ;)

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