August 10, 2009

This is my country, so I expect to be treated as a second class citizen

I have just returned from a place where nearly 90% of the occupants were foreigners. Let me make a disclaimer (which I have written about last week and is basically useless in dispelling any feeling of animosity if people interpret my ranting as directed to them. Read all about disclaimer in my article Disclaimer are just to give you a peace of mind). My disclaimer is that this post is directed to all my fellow Asian who seems to change their way of treating their fellow countrymen when there are other nationalities around. This post is directed to all those who work in the hospitality industry. It is not against any particular place or people but it is directed generally.

As much as I hate to say that this issue has been harped by a lot of people and accept the fact that those who are in the industry will ever change their mind, I would love sometimes to jump on the same bandwagon as those who have been treated badly and bitch about the same thing. I experienced a lot of this and when I do get the cold shoulder from someone who had just been all smile when he was with the Westerner or Middle Eastern before me, I would engage them there and then. If I am not in the mood, I would just brush off the treatment and treat him or her better than he or she was treating me. If I am in the mood, he or she will get an earful from me. So, it will all depend on the mood I am.

As much as I understand how hard it is to be in the service industry (which my profession is also in the same position), I just don't understand the way double standard is applied on locals and foreigners. I have accepted this as7 a fact of life and in Malaysia it happens at hotels, restaurants and boutiques. Especially by those who always receive great tips from the foreigners as Malaysia did promote a No Tipping policy once which most Malaysian still holds dear especially when all service businesses charge 10% service charge on all their bill. 

Discrimination can happens in many forms and as much as waiters or those who service us are discriminate by those who do not have moral compass, they in turn discriminate against the middle class who sometimes chances upon their establishment occasionally. Again, I believe all this is just a part of life as I also believe it is not exclusive to my country or in this part of the hemisphere only.
Try getting good service in a restaurant frequented by foreigners in whatever country


Ratty said...

You are right, it is not exclusive to your country. This kind of thing happens here all the time. I would guess in your case they see the foreigners as being wealthy, so they try to please them. The same thing happens here. If someone is thought to have a lot of money, they are treated well, and anyone else is treated badly in their presence. It's a shame this has to happen because people in the same place are all usually spending a large amount of money.

yoon see said...

It happens everywhere....

Daisy said...

Second class? Not first? Ok, I better read the whole thing first then *wink*

Btw, passing by to Thank You for being one of the top droppers again on my blog for the month of July! *Smooches*


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