August 11, 2009

Homestay, a cheaper and better alternative for holiday?

As I was walking the beach fronting the resort where I was staying, I stumbled upon a small village at the end of the beach. The village started with these two houses which were rather big and the gates leading to them were locked. I was intrigued and when I neared the place, I saw this sign :

The sign for the homestay

I never stayed in a homestay whilst I am in Malaysia as I have the tendency to stay at hotels where all that I need are around the hotels. I did stayed in a homestay in Munich, Germany, once in which I had the misfortune of walking into the bathroom which was occupied and saw the homestay owner taking a dump. (that homestay had the owner staying in the same house with you). That really gave me something to remember Munich by. I always wonder what experience would I gain if I ever take the chance in staying in a homestay in Malaysia.

I had the chance to see a homestay which cost nearly as much as staying at a hotel. However, based on the intricacies of the design of the wooden houses, I find the aestatic value of those houses make it worth the price that you pay for them. I am not sure how much the owner of these houses charges for a night or a week stay in them but I might just return to the same beach (which is shared by the resort I was staying) and stay in them.

 One of the house
The other more village-like house
 The road leading to other part of the village
 Still the same beach as the resort's


David Jr said...

Depends on the homestay bro, some are quite nice were I have seen some really bad ones. So you need to check them out carefully.


Ratty said...

The idea of a homestay is interesting to me because if we have them here there aren't many. We mainly just have very cheap motels, and you get what you pay for with those. The homestays might be better.

kruel74 said...

David - True. That is why words of mouth is important

Ratty - Here, most motels are suspected of something else

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