August 7, 2009

Holiday but still working

Somebody did asked me how many places I have been this year? On holiday that is? I have travel out of Malaysia once but have really go on holiday within Malaysia nearly 5 to 6 times this year. And as you are reading this, I am in Tanjong Jara Resort in Terengganu. My flight was at 2.50pm just now and I arrived at 4pm. 

Here are some holiday pictures from this year :

In Bandung during Chinese New Year where all we did were shopping

Day trip to Malacca, the historical town

Singapore trip in June with my whole family for the Singapore Sale

A few stays at hotel around KL just for the fun of it 
and at the Ritz (pictured here) for the full butler service

The only problem with me is I can't keep my mind off my office. I will at least call them once just to ask whether everything is okay. That is why this anniversary trip, we are on a weekend trip as the office is close, so I cannot be distracted.


Ratty said...

Even if you worry over things back at your office, the time away should be very relaxing.

kruel74 said...

Yes, that is true Ratty

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