August 15, 2009

Darkness is the absence of light

I read this statement in a book called Ninja by Eric Van Lustbader who has now been commissioned to write books for the estate of another famous writer, Robert Ludlum (which is another trend deserving another rant). Eric Van Lustbader is now more known as Eric Lustbader. This guy had a good series which involves foreigners becoming good at Japanese martial art and he had another name when he writes erotica. He also wrote science fiction. So, just imagine how diverse he can be.

I think Robert Ludlum and Lustbader deserves their own post which I will write soon. Ludlum being one of my first favourite political action thriller book writer and Lustbader being my guilty pleasure whom I suspect is behind the soon to be released movie entitled Ninja. I hate the fact that Lustbader has sold out and is writing for another person whom I considered as a writing icon.

This post is more of what I have read in one of Lustbader books on ninja. Most of the philosophy in Lustbader books came from a religion called Shinto. Mirror and water and all the elements in the world play a big part in the philosophy. However, I really love that particular saying which actually helped me in my fear of darkness.

I was living with my parents in a very secluded place when I was just 11 years of age until I was 12. I was known to be very afraid of darkness. I was actually there as a punishment for not really doing well at my earlier school. I was living with my grandmother then (which is another different story altogether). So, my parents want to supervise me to bring up my grades. The house we lived in was so big that you can have a football field build on the square feet of the house. I even played badminton on its balcony a few times.

The wording of the book "Darkness is the absence of light" really helped me overcome my fear who are always left alone until late at night by my parents who were always working, then. I always tell the words over and over again as I go from room to room. Then, as an adult, I still think this wording applies as it shows the human nature of why people do certain things. I mean, everyone has some goodness in them but when they do bad stuff, they have a space in their heart which makes them do such things.

It may not be the perfect philosophy to live by but as for me, it is just one of the maxim I hold in life...


Ratty said...

I have always found the lessons I have read in books to be valuable. They can be remembered forever for a person who likes to read, like me.

kruel74 said...

Books are our best teacher as we cannot meet the author...

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