August 14, 2009

District 9 : Apartheid as the background?

Got a free movie tickets thanks to Nuffnang which seems to be good to me these days. Next week also got another preview screening by them. But clashes with another event which is more business-like. So, still 50 : 50 of going to the movie Orphan. For District 9, it was so good that my wife said, who hated aliens and gory movie commented, she was thankful that she came with me to watch it. When I told her what it was all about, at first she was not interested. 


I actually beg to differ on the premise that what the film was trying to portray was what had happened to the place where the movie is supposed to have happened. The place is Johannesburg and the film was done in a realistic (and some people say, Cloverfield) style of film-making and it is so realistic as some may think that it is real news. I mean, it started off as a documentary before it became a full action-packed film full with Predator-like weaponaries and even a spaceship to match (although the spaceship hanging all the time on top of Johannesburg was there from the first minute of the film).

Some may say that it starts of a bit boring but it did not stop it to from becoming exciting real fast. When a movie has aliens involved, unless it has Terry Gilliam as its director, the word 'boring' is rarely there. But it did started a bit slow and disorient you with a boring person being interviewed trying to explain his 'boring' job. As we were brought to the 'slum', then the excitement begins.

Before you start pile up the kids and bring them to the cinema to see some E.T. being all cute and stuff, let me give you two words for you to digest. 'Gory' and 'Bloody' are two nice words to explain the film. Nice because the film show more than that. There are extraterrestial sexual activities. Voodoo. Crazy people. Crazy aliens. Crazy machines. Crazier filmmaker as they are the one who brought you the vision. And the whole idea of the film is these images.

This man finally changed to

a version of this

...and, it is so not beautiful when it happens....and in between the issue of racism is hinted in a way but as I said, I beg to differ.


kenwooi said...

nice.. free movie huh.. haha..
im looking to watch this! =)

kruel74 said...

Go watch it! It is a great movie

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