August 28, 2009

The latest 3 films from 15Malaysia

Here are the latest 3 films from the 15Malaysia project, which other posts you can find at these links :

My interpretation for this short films this time is more as a commentary as the films are evidently easier to understand except for the final one :

The first one is a story about a student being assigned to do a model of his dream house. With the help of his mother, he built it and show it to his class the next day. His turn came after one boy showing a mansion and another a bungalow. Then, his own house is in danger of being roobed of him. Look closely at the choice of race which I believe is very apparent in Malaysian context, especially the teacher.

by Linus Chung

This next one is a parody which may seems funny but is real as the first film in 15Malaysia. It is about another misconception about the word HALAL or kosher (a Jewish term to best explain what halal is). It is a simple explanation, with a song, of what halal should be and not just the choice of the food (chicken in contrast with pork).

by Liew Seng Tat

This one is more serious and show the prejudice that people face everyday. It reminded me of my review of the film Gadoh (Fight!) about schoolchildren claiming their turf which you can find here in this link : Fight! at the Help University College. That movie will never be shown commercially as the reality will be too much for a lot pf people here but this short film is the gist of it. It is subtle but the message is clear. Children sometimes can be quite ruthless in their act.

by Desmond Ng


Ariff Suffian Zainal  said...

I dont understand 'The Son' ??

suwari said...

Really love this one. Please put a post like this one btw your post and your blog rocks.

lina said...

Talking about the HALAL food, it always crack me up when my Chinese friend think that I wasn't suppose to eat duck. And I love roast duck. I told them, I can eat the roast duck here at some places, but not in China or HK! ;D

kruel74 said...

Ariff - It needs a deduction

suwari - I have posted a few

Lina - As the short film try to explain. There are misconceptions

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