August 19, 2009

I now know what is wrong with Esther (Orphan the Movie)

Was given another pair of free tickets and went to watch the movie, Orphan, alone as my wife hates horror movie and my friend who was supposed to be filler did not made it due to heavy rain. It was not really a horror movie but it was another serial killer movie. And this time, it was supposedly by a child. It was not the first though as Macaulay Culkin did The Good Son years ago in 1993 had the same storyline (which actually is much scarier if you think about it).

This one is about Esther who is a 9 year old child who went on a killing spree. Basically, you can know that if you see the trailer. The mystery, ala Six Sense and a few pretenders, is why. Who is this Esther? That is the answer which you will get to know at the last minute of the movie. The answer will be a surprise and no one will guess it. Unless you understand Russia. Look at how she dress...

Russia is the key and if you know how true of a few facts about that country, you will understand how and why. 

The movie is scary in its idea but the factors that they used to scare you are used various times like door slamming or people supposedly behind doors but are not and various other techniques. The movie did stopped itself from using flashback to tell part of the stories but you get the ideas from the story told by the character like why a character is deaf or what happened that made one character drinks.

However, please bear in mind, it is not a horror story (trust me, it is not). It is a Manson type of murder movie, up there with Saw and all those other serial killer movie. And if only you had guessed it, you may never want to know Esther.

At all...

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