August 22, 2009

The first 3 of 15Malaysia

I have said that I will support this project in the little way I can, whether noticed or not by those involved directly with it. 15Malaysia is a great project and the 14 movies that I have seen was commentaries of life here in Malaysia. What we have been through and what the people (or rakyat) are really facing then, now and even in the future. We are just 52 years old but we have come of age much earlier than any other nation as we have history leading to the 12th century (if history is to be believed). No one really belong here but you can say that to nearly 80% of the world.

In the first film, Potong Saga, the story is about a Chinese boy, played by a controversial figure, Namewee, who was ostracized for the way he sang the Malaysia national song. He now seems bend on making fun of himself looking like a clueless kid but I bet that is just a persona that he wants people to think of him. Here is the video for your watching pleasure :

by Ho Yuhang

The issue is about the misunderstood concept of Islamic finance. Namewee was told by his elders that he need to be circumcised (in Malay it means POTONG) to be able to open an Islamic finance account in banks in Malaysia. Seriously, he did and the consequences were some humourous episodes of misadventures.

by Yasmin Ahmad

The second film is a bit subtle about the races of Malaysia tolerating each other while having to live with each other. They don't really understand each other but they choose to live together. The influence asserted by their elders become entrenched in them. This is my understanding and may not be agreed upon by all.

by Amir Muhammad



calvaryzone said...

potong saga was hilarious but i didn't quite get the story behind chocolate.

kruel74 said...

Yep, it need some thought to be understood but I think it was about cultural divide

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