October 29, 2009

Another milestone for Nuffnang and blogosphere

On Friday 23rd October 2009, Nuffnang hosted the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Bloggers Awards. I was there thanks to Nuffnang who decided to choose me after I posted 2 posts on their sponsors, Pringles and Tourism Singapoer. I guess that was why the awards night was held at the Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore.

There have been a lot of postings already on the awards night. Mostly showed who won what and the pictures of themselves in the event. I actually took pictures of others more than pictures of me. My wife has more pictures than me. I didn't even took the complimentary picture where you can pose and get the sponsors like Canon, Tourism Singapore and Pringles plastered somewhere on your picture.

As I am still enjoying the day I am not blogging which have reached 7 days in total, let me leave you with some teaser pictures of the place, sight and people on that night. Historic? Hmmm...

The Australian bloggers at the hotel before the Blog Awards

At the Blog Awards

My wife bought herself new shoes for the night...


Kujie said...

kasut je..... hehehe

kruel74 said...

Kasut je...banyak dinner 2, 3 minggu nih

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