October 16, 2009

Xpax for Blackberry Party

Everybody knows that I have a Blackberry. As a lawyer, it is one of the essential tool I  need to connect to the internet and plan my day ahead. Especially those who knows me through Twitter. What they didn't know is what type of Blackberry I have. I am actually is so comfortable with my Blackberry Storm that I snubbed the chance to change my Blackberry for other PDA especially when Maxis started to offer iPhone, which is quite cool, no matter how you view it.

I just love the ease for me to connect to Twitter, Facebook, check email and with my wife having a Blackberry, we can actually message each other even if I am halfway across the world for free. Yes, exchange your BB Messenger pins, then you can message each other for free. Did you know you can get unlimited Blackberry prepaid from as low as RM1.00 per day! More information here

So, when Nuffnang offered me 2 VIP passes to the launch event of Blackberry package made special for XPax (prepaid package by Celcom), I quickly jump on the chance to see what it is all about. The event's name was the launch of XPax Blackberry Curve 8520 and it was held on last Friday at The Republic, Sunway Pyramid. There was a burst of excitement leading to the event which was made viral through Twitter. You can read what happened in Twitterverse by reading a report by Julian Hopkins titled Visualising a monetised Twitter network. He is doing a PhD paper on blogging and monetisation, so it is only natural for him to see this event as a money making opportunity.

The event was quite good as we can actually walk just a few meters to the stage and after the show by DJ Lapsap, Joe Flizzow and Twilight Action Girl, among others, we can actually mingled with them. I made a few new friends that night while catching up with a few of those who I haven't meet for awhile. Here are some pictures of the event :

The place and the party

The stage with performers (third picture is actually a rap competition between the 2 girls in green. They really can rap)

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