October 17, 2009

You can fund a legal suit?

As a lawyer in Malaysia and as an owner of a legal firm, telling someone NOT to sue will be the last thing from my mind. However, in reality, lawsuits can be very expensive. Sometimes, there are clients whom I just know couldn't afford to take someone to court although they have been aggrieved. Most of them will start the conversation, nervously asking how much the lawsuit will cost. If you take someone to court over certain issue such as trespassing and you want to stop the person whom you are suing from doing whatever it is that aggrieves you, you usually have to deposit some money into the court.

As a plaintiff (the one who sues) you may again scratch your head when you hear this.  You may ask why you need to pay some money when you think something wrong is done to you. But you must remember that there are two sides to every story. The court cannot consider you to be in the right just because you are the one who starts the lawsuit. That is why the court has to ensure that you are really sure about suing someone  and ask for some money to be deposited with them. If after the trial it was found that you are the one in the wrong, the money deposited can be forfeited as you have just wasted the court's time.

When you read the paragraphs above, you will understand how much a lawsuit can cost you. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you can have someone to finance your lawsuit? Orchard Funding, LLC was formed to help direct plaintiffs, attorneys and medical providers on the web to the information they need regarding lawsuit funding. Lawsuit funding is a non-recourse cash advance on a pre-settlement lawsuit. This means repayment by the plaintiff is only necessary should the case be settled.

Cash advances are given so that it can help you go through the lawsuit. Orchard Funding, LLC  have the ability to provide you the financial means necessary to cover your living and other expenses during the course of your lawsuit. The cash can be used to pay for bills and expenses such as medical bills, rent, mortgage payments, car payments, legal expenses and other expenses.

Try Orchard Funding today and you can now get the funding for your lawsuit that you have always wanted. But remember, it is a funding. Not free money...


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