October 7, 2009

Eid Mubarak Tweetup

Tweetups seem to be the order of the day these days. I have been to a few meetups due to invites on Twitter. Some were specific to me and some were where I asked to be invited. I met quite a lot of new friends through Twitter and as much as they are shy, they tend to speak up after some prodding from me. Hey, I am a lawyer and marketeer. Making people talk and feel at ease is second nature.

Last Sunday, the zestful @icednyior, one of the Twitter buddy I got to know through another gathering became the ringleader for a #rayatweetup. When people put a hashtag (#) at the start of a word in Twitter, it means there is a special space for it in Twitter itself. You can go to Twitter, type that word up and get all the other tweets relating to it. And to invite or RSVP to an event (just like in Facebook), you can use Twitvite to do it.

So easy right. Click on all those words up there and join in the conversation (but not for this #rayatweetup as it has passed). Tweetups happen almost every day here and strangers actually become friends (or enemies but that is an entirely different thing).

The #rayatweetup happened in KLCC and it went on for nearly 4 hours. We just meet, talk, gossip, get to know each other, talk geek and eat. I was the oldest there but wasn't feeling left out.

The camaraderie

The place

Someone brought a Lomo camera and there was a poken meetup too

 The girls

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