October 12, 2009

A restaurant made out of rubbish

On Thursday last week, I was invited by a friend to attend the officiating of his restaurant by the Chief Minister of Malacca, one of the oldest state in Malaysia. My friend who is also my client owns a small construction firm and is currently delving into development. He is a very soft-spoken man, with a heart of gold and never shy away from criticising you if he thinks you did a mistake or is bound to make a mistake. I have known him through another friend (who has since passed away) but as our offices are very much within the same area, we still keep in touch. He is very much a self-made millionaires who is a bit like an idol to me. He is just 5 years older than me but his rags to riches is an inspiration to me.

His latest project was a restaurant which is made out of rubbish. It is just 2 blocks away from my office and I have been frequenting it since Day 1 it was opened to public. I went there to see what was being served and I actually picked up a new menu which I very much love. Nowadays, they serve set lunch which is very much affordable. Of course, it has a bit of a cliched theme by jumping on the kopitiam bandwagon but it is very unique in having 2 chefs for 2 different cuisines. It serves Chinese and Malay cuisines. Another plus is the fact that all his staff are Malaysians which is very rare indeed in this country where businesspeople try to cut cost by employing foreigners. It is refreshing to talk to someone who can actually understand what you want to eat.

My friend's restaurant is actually made out of rubbish. If you go there, you will be greeted by the sight of a restaurant being laid over by wood all over. That is an illusion. The wood which is the outer layer of the restaurant are actually made from husk and agricultural debris which are compacted to make them into a kind of wood so tough that it is tougher than the toughest wood. And it is made by my friend's small experimental factory. As the Chief Minister of Malacca is an influental leader in Malaysia, the officiatiation of the restaurant by him was a two-pronged for my friend.

You can try yourself the ambience of the restaurant and the excellent food. Just look for Restrees Kopitiam if you ever come to Dataran Mentari in Sunway which is just across the Cash Converter. The pictures below will show you the interior and exterior of the restaurant which amazingly looks like it is made out of wood to the naked eye.

The speech by the CM of Malacca

Ribbon cutting

Plaque signing

The close-up of the plaque

The CM taking a picture with the staff

The food

Even the chair and the table are made out of the special material

...and these beautiful exterior

...and this pergola at his housing development

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