October 30, 2009

Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2009

When we arrived in Singapore the evening of 23rd October, due to some mishap at the immigration (due to some bloggers who just couldn't follow instruction), we only have 2 hours to get ready. As the bus would arrived at 6pm, we had to be ready by then. The check-in took nearly 45 minutes as it was a group check-in with all of the bloggers from Philippines and Australia checking in with us.

As the Nuffies were busy with checking in, my wife was busy asking around whether there are any manicurist around as she consider her nails were not good enough. It was also only then I also realised I forgot my cufflinks. After all the drama, we managed to dress ourselves and joined the other bloggers albeit 5 minutes late.

Here some pictures of the bloggers waiting to be sent to the Pan Pacific Hotel, Singapore where the event was held :

Some of the Australian bloggers

Dustyhawk was dressing himself as he hates to be late

By 6.15pm, the lobby was crowded and people were waiting anxiously for the buses

Boarding the bus

In the bus

 The place for you to take picture and show people you were there

The crowd

Some famous faces in blogsphere

More famous faces

The ballroom

The nominees

The tired wife waiting for the last bus which was very, very late

Actually, during the event, I neglected to really take any picture except for these few pictures. If you want to see better postings, especially those dedicated to certain aspect of the awards, here are some of them :

How Pink Stillettos saw it
- The nominee Red Mummy reporting
- Madam Kwon reporting
- Swee San's reporting on the food

- My table buddy Julian Hopkin's blog which include the whole tour
- And this one by Shazwani has a picture of my wife - Picture galore

I was sure that I have quite a few pictures missing but still looking for them. I think you can get the gist of what happened during the dinner at the blogs I linked above. It was a great event and for something which involved massive logistics like that, it was a success. Congratulations to Nuffnang and hope they will make it annually so that more people can come and see what it is all about. Maybe one day it can even be telecast live!


David Jr said...

Hi Kahirul, glad you had a great time there! Too bad they could not live telecast this... hehe

Malaysia Asia

kruel74 said...

The dinner? So, and so...the trip, quite good

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