October 11, 2009

Blog for FT : Government embracing the web

The Putrajaya Mosque

The competition was launched a week back by the Federal government of Malaysia to promote the three areas in Malaysia where it directly rule. Blog4FT, the name of the competition refers to blog posts which promotes in whatever ways the Federal Territories of Malaysia. These Federal Territories include a) Kuala Lumpur : Malaysia's capital; b) Labuan : the Cayman Island of Malaysia as it is a free-tax haven; and c) Putrajaya : the administrative seat of Malaysia.

I have put up the button on the right side of this blog to promote the competition but still has not come around to doing a specific blogpost for submission. As someone who always frequented Kuala Lumpur either for business or pleasure, I have quite a few places which I know intimately. I have even written on a few blog posts about my visits to those few places either in this blog or my more personal blog, As Good As It Gets.

The government seems to have accepted the fact that they need to embrace the web to promote their wares. They have official websites which may help people to find them but informal web presence through blog postings and promotion by people who knows about these Federal Territories can help reach new audience. Many may not know Labuan, an island just off the coast of Sabah is a diving haven for some. I was there for business a few years back and was surprised to know that there are a few shipwrecked there. As for Putrajaya, the newest addition to the Federal Territories, being a resident of its neighbouring states and just 15 km from my hometown near Kuala Lumpur International Airport, I even have a short holidays at the many resorts it has to offer.

I will be doing my own posting for this competition. In the meantime, why don't you check out the link for the Blog4FT competition here.

p/s - I did not posted anything for the past 2 days and I actually have nearly 5 events to blog about. Hoping to be able to do it regularly this whole week.....


vedd said...

I think I'll bombard this with my pictures and see whether it hits any :D

Kennee said...

Heard about the event... it was in Pavillion... my friend was invited... XD Btw nanged you in Innit and clicked ya ads too... ^^

Anonymous said...

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