October 14, 2009

Tree planting for political mileage?

The picture above is the face of a local politician within my area. There are 2 others in Shah Alam and I am not sure by hierarchy whether he is the top-most one but he is always seen at ceremonies around here. He is  the Selangor state executive councillor in charge of environment. So, other than this event being within his constituent, it is also his job scope to officiate the event. The tree he is planting is just a few meters from my house. I actually walked (which I usually do every Saturday) to the tree planting ceremony last Saturday. That is how near the ceremony was.

The weird thing is, there are so many trees within the area already. My housing area is adjacent to what is labelled in the map as the Botanic Park. Heck, when they construct my house, one of the biggest headache for the developer was to relocate the natives who was living there. They have now become my neighbours (seriously!). They got terrace houses right in front of my house and within a few months, I hope the bungalow they were promised will be completed.

At the ceremony, there were many familiar faces from the local authorities, Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam (Shah Alam City Council). Most are Head of Departments. Some I know personally and some are known to me. I mingled, chatted with them and asked them whether there are really a reason to plant trees just 30 meters away from a forest and makes a ceremony out of it. I know that you need to replant forest once in awhile to sustain a good area or it will be swallowed by development. Some of them did say it needs to be done but some did smirked. Their body language do say that all these are done for political mileage.

Whatever the reason, it is good to know they are not going to go inroads into the forest and destroy the reason I really love my housing area. I always love getting the fresh air and seeing the beautiful sight that greeted me everyday when I drive in and out of it.

The banner announcing the ceremony (still hanging there)

The speech which drowse some to sleep

Like a funeral, they gathered around the area for some picture opportunities

The local authority, Shah Alam City Council (who has to work on a Saturday) had some fun together

The native's head (orang asal) who lives in front of my house

One of the tree properly labelled with the name of the tree and the supposed VIP who planted it (symbolically, whatever that means)

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