October 5, 2009

I Uploaded this for the '2012' contest

The picture above is of me looking at the Monalisa painting which is done by Leonardo da Vinci. That painting is what I would love to be preserved in a time capsule if there is such a thing as an Armageddon within my lifetime, especially if the prediction that the world would end in 2012 will come true.

Why did I choose a work of art which is considered to be one of the most intriguing work ever done by anyone in the world, ever? One is because it is so famous that people consider it a mystery as to why someone more known for being a scientist made it into one of his legacy. Another is the uniqueness of it. Yet another is because there is no other work of art as well-known as it. And I believe there is some unslove mystery about it which may solve the mystery of Da Vinci himself. He is a scientist and although being a painter is just another one of his many skills, I think he was trying to preserve something. There may be a scientific formula behind the painting which have not been solved.

You can see this same picture as my contribution to the Time Capsule they have set up at the official site  for the movie 2012. Check out the contest at 2012 official website. If you don't agree with me, what would be YOUR contribution in a time capsule at the end the world? Upload your own picture there. You never know if you put in something worthwhile, you might win that grand prize of an all expenses paid trip to Colombo.


iyouwe.info said...

good luck, interesting!
nanged u! Prostitute out there? Nang this to check out!

Ratty said...

I think you made a very good choice. This idea has me thinking because I never thought about what I would put in a time capsule.

kruel74 said...

iyouwe - Thanks n Nanged u too

Ratty - I racked my brain too looking for things to put in and came up with this when I was looking at pictures I have

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