October 19, 2009

Why Corporate Open House is important for lawyers like us

If anyone of you follow my twitter, you will see that every other day for the past 3 weeks, I have been going to one after another open house. Yesterday, which was a Monday, 19th of October was also the final day of Syawal. Syawal is the month which eid is celebrated on its first day. In Malaysia, we use the whole one month as a reason to celebrate non-stop (Heck, I was even told just now, there is going to be another open house by a client on the 29th October, way past Syawal).

Why do I go to all these corporate open houses? If it was just about the food, why would I need to crash any open houses. Just by going around my neighbourhood, I can eat as much food as I want. After some times in the business, I realised that corporate open houses are the place to meet corporate bigwigs either they are the top management of the host company or those who came to enjoy their hospitality.

Being Malaysian, I was rarely turn away when I want to approach them, sit with them or introduce myself. Usually the top management at these open houses are more than willing to say hi, have a quick chat and ask us what we do. Usually we will whipped out our business cards, give them over and say that we are one of their panel of lawyers. Although people put little weight on the exchange of business cards, we did managed to get calls from CEOs of these companies asking us to do a few personal work for them.

So, as much as my own weight goes haywire thanks to eating too much good food, I just have to attend all these corporate open houses and press some hands...

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