October 18, 2009

MACC is not as threatening as I thought

The poster

When I first got the invite from Kuah Jenhan, a member of the Young Comedian of Malaysia, I thought he was writing some funny episodes on Facebook in which I had added him to my friend list thanks to a chance meeting at the Twestival KL recently. He was actually flattered as I can recognised him as I had seen him doing a skit in the second Comedy Club KL gig last August. He added my name on Facebook there and then. Since that day, I have actually seen his updates which is kind of funny in a way. I did once said that comedian are actually serious people in real life and I still believe we need them to see the wrong in our daily life.

The place

MACC is actually an acronym for Malaysia Association of Chinese Comedians in contrast with the usual usage of the acronym for Malaysia Anti Corruption Commission. They were actually inviting everyone for their 1st EGM which does not mean Emergency General Meeting but Easy Going Meeting. Their invites have been tailored to be funny and even the price of admission is funny. At RM33.88, which is quite cheap for a show with 3 comedians, it also has the word 'Chinese Mah!' plastered on their poster beside the price. The three comedians in order of appearance are Phoon Chi Ho, Jenhan Kuah and Douglas Lim.

I have actually seen Douglas Lim and Jenhan Kuah in action when they were one of the act in the Comedy Club KL for July and August, respectively. They had managed to connect with the audience in their own respective way as stand-up comedian is not that popular in Malaysia. We do have the Actors Studio which tries to promote it but the comedians there seem recycled and has been in the theater and comedy scene since forever. These guys are a breath of fresh air (I only just got to know that Douglas has been in the business for 14 years and I actually wonder maybe I have seen him somewhere before)

I will not go into detail about their jokes but my report of this event is that it is funny. You will laugh and it actually hits your own nose. All does not discriminate. All got a dose of laughing at ourselves which is just the message they try to get across. Politics. Racism. Entertainment. Some songs performed (which are surprisingly good and who need Beyonce?). Malaysians being Malaysians. Our slogans which they ridiculed at no end. Our food. Our culture. Where we comes from. What we do for a living. Waited for a lawyer joke to come on but none forthcoming (maybe we are not the butt of joke yet here in Malaysia).

Most of the audience were Chinese and we thought it may be performed in Chinese

They had performed for 3 shows on Saturday night, a matinee on Sunday and I was at the last performance of the week which was at 9pm on Sunday. The place is in Petaling Jaya Live Art Center (known as PJLA) and it is in PJ One. They will be having the same performance next week at the same time (and yes, their final show will be competing with Beyonce concert. Don't have money, go to this show. It is cheaper and funnier and there are songs!). Support Malaysia product. Malaysia Boleh! and Want Malaysia! (You'll get it if you go). Go to their Facebook page to learn more.

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