October 6, 2009

Corporate Open Houses

Our ex-Prime Minister, has suggested that maybe this is the most original invention by Malaysian which is not done by any other country. Having 'Open Houses' during religious celebration. Read Chedet.co.cc blog post about it entitled the same here . In other coutries, open house, especially in Western culture, is associated with real estate agency showing off a house for sale to buyers. You can then walked through the house, ask questions and even test out all fittings which will come with the house when you buy it.

One of the corporate open house held at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur

In Malaysia, open house is quite different. We literally open our house for people to come at a particular day and time. They will be served with food which is associated with that particular cultural or religious celebration then. A case in point is when we are celebrating Eid Mubarak like right now. Every day, I will be invited to a few of these corporate open house and I have to choose carefully those I wanted to go to gain as much mileage as I can from it.

Unlike a best friend open house where you will try to attend to meet and chat with them (although in certain cases, the host will be too busy to even say hi) in corporate open houses in Malaysia the idea is to get to know most of their staff whom you may deal only through the phone or by letters. Furthermore, in most of these open houses, even the chairman and CEO will be around. In these last 2 weeks after the Eid day itself, I have shook hands with nearly 3 to 5 of the CEOs of banks.

Of course, after meeting them at these open houses, following it up with an appointment later at their office will be the real clincher...

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