October 4, 2009

Offline and meeting Twitter friends

I was offline from the internet world for 2 whole days except for Twitter and some light blog posts reading. I was not putting up any new blogpost or doing all the normal thing that I do which would have require effort and time. And guess what, the world did not stop. I am still here and I enjoyed a few events which is not related to the blogging world or the online world (except for one part of it). I did wrote a post entitled 'Turning Yourself Off Outside of Office' on Friday as a bit of a prelude.

On Saturday, starting my day at 11am, I went to 3 open houses and 1 wedding. Open house is a unique concept of Malaysia where friends go to your house while you serve food and entertain them. Started up by the Muslims during Eid Mubarak years ago, nowadays even Ministers are doing it during all type of festivities either for Chinese New Year, Deepavali or Christmas (Read about my take on corporate open house in a few days time). I arranged my Saturday by starting with 2 open houses in the same town before proceeding to another one further south of Kuala Lumpur. The wedding was my staff's and it took me nearly 2 hours drive from the last open house but as one of the boss she answered to and with my business partner tied up with her assignment, it became my duty to go and send her wedding present.

I slept at my parents' house on Saturday night and on Sunday had another fulfilling day of conversation. Again, in real life. My online presence was felt in Twitter (which can be considered my current obsession nowadays) and one of the Eid Mubarak gathering that I attended was related to Twitter. It was the #rayatweetup (Raya being the word we call our Eid) and it happened at 2pm until 6pm yesterday. Before the gathering, I went to my uncle's house, updating my self on the happenings of his family.

And that #rayatweetup deserve a blog post in itself but I met a few friends whom I have been communicating online through Twitter offline and met some new friends during it. As I never shy away from these types of gathering though age-wise I am always the oldest or very much near the oldest, except if it involves business people. It was a great gathering and here's hoping it can be extended to other celebration as well...

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