November 12, 2008

A milestone as a blogger

Today mark a milestone for me as one of the most underrated blogger who is still trying to get the hang of blogging. I have finally neared the 1000 hits after 2 months of intense blogging. That hits are from 2 blogs that I maintain and the voyage started from this blog.

As much as 1000 is a drop in the ocean, these 2 blogs are my walls to write my would-be books. They are just an excuse and to see whether I have an audience. Seems that there are. So, it is a milestone, nonetheless.

I read someone's blog yesterday ( on the amazing growth of which is nearing its 10,000,000 hits. Let me break it down for you, since its inception 7 months ago, is nearing its 10 Million hits and it has impacted nearly 50,000 lives per day. Now, there are an average of 200 comments per posting. The comments were not encouraging in its early days but increases after. What is most amazing is that it reached a Million hits within 30 days. 30 DAYS!!!

I was also told by my wife Tun's the 'snippets' type of postings are according to a Press Kit. So, it is easier for the press to quote him which he did notify that he allowed as long credits are given. I bet one all reporter of each news agency in Malaysia the world check his posting everyday.

Our 'mantan' PM (really love the word 'mantan', sounds a lot like a aristocratic word, if there such a thing) had celebrated his 1 Million hits which just took 2 months for his site to reach but after that I think he had stopped counting as he concentrated on other important matter like bringing down our current PM. Go Tun Mahathir!!!!

The blog

My only comment is the setting of his blog which held comments and publish it in one go which made you sometimes think you are the first commentator. Just go and see the comments area where some thought they were the first commentator. Happened to me too but I wised up when the final page after the comment said that my comment will only be approved after the blog owner's approval. Lo and behold, mine became the 15th of 200 comments on one of his posting.

Back to little old me. I am but a speck in the billion sands shifting in cyberspace. I updated my blog every day with Legal Cat-asthrophe ( which is updated at 11.59pm everday and As Good As It Gets ( is updated at 7am in the morning. Don't ask me why, I just love those two moments. One signify the end of the day and the other one is the start of the day, for me. Legal Cat-asthrophe contains my writing and comments on events or happenings or information on legal business, law societies in Malaysia and legal matters. As Good As It Gets is on relationship and the dynamic between men and women.

I promote my blogs using a few aggregators such as Petaling Street Project, Negaraku,, Innit from Nuffnang and my Facebook buddies, which currently stands at 307. All these managed to garner me the most 71 readers and the least of 5 readers per day. I experimented at certain times of the day the best time to update these websites of my updates. Updating people in Nuffnang is best at late evening or night time and some of the others loved to open their favourite blogs during office hours. Mondays are always bad readership day as people are in Monday blues mood and weekends are best as people have more time. This little experiment of mine might not even be accurate.

These facts are just interesting facts that I collected and its not going to have bearing on my momentum ...yet. You would just have to bear with me with my updates through all those aggregators I mentioned above especially NuffNang's Innit which are filled with the younger sets whose interest differ greatly with mine (I think).

As for now, the speck of sand will keep on blogging...

1 comment:

Mr. Right said...

Good luck bro. Love your writings. I believe deserve some record breaking award. Fact that 'disturb' his old blog just show how big it is. Maybe somebody from Malaysia government alert Google about it.

All the best!

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