November 4, 2008

Sold Soul (fiction of epic proportions) continues...

(This is an ongoing online novel started as a fictionalised events of my life. Its based on true events not all experienced by me but there were some total fictions too)As the week progressed, I was called a few times by Mr. N on how I should proceed with the work that was given to me. During the dinner that night, Mr. N told me the background of the clinic that I was in and on how he was going to franchise the business to a lot of people. He explained the term Health Maintenance Organisation or HMO, which was very popular in the United States of America and why did it failed in providing the adequate healthcare for the people there. As the Malaysian government then was also looking for an insurance solution for the Malaysian people, amids contoversy, Mr. N thought his idea would be viable.

Although the term HMO and medico legal was not my strong suit (actually I don't have any experience at all then), I had agreed to help them after some convincing by Mr. N himself. I told him frankly that I didn't have the experience in anything regarding medicine or corporate law for that matter but he told me to study about it and learn as he and I establish a relationship. Eager as I was, I agreed but asked him for a retainer as he was based in Petaling Jaya while I was still in Seremban. He agreed.

His plan was to start with that one clinic in Petaling Jaya and accumulate clients by asking them to be part of his company's corporate panel. He would then approach well-known hospitals around the Klang Valley with the list of clients and convince them to be a part of his network. He assure them certain percentage in the referral by the hospitals to his clinic and he will take a cut from the fees received by the hospital from his clients. He rattled off a few well-known corporate entity in Malaysia which he claimed he had known through his investment banking days. I was again impressed.

It was a baptism of fire for me during the time that I was servicing Mr. N. He was easy to deal with because his answer to me everytime I said I needed some time to finish an agreement, he would say I could take my time, but the client that he was negotiating with would evaluate his team based on their performance. He would also help me to draft the agreements that he wanted as he had seen all type of agreements in his line of work.

As we get to know each other, the place of our meeting were changed from the confines of the clinic to his house in Shah Alam. His house was a one storey bungalow which was quite sparsed from furniture. There were just a dining table which double up as a meeting table and a working place. There was a sofa and a refrigerator which was filled with various easy to cook meal like nuggets and chicken drummets.

As we discussed on how to approach and tie-up with the various organisations, I saw the mysticism and the dynamism of the husband and wife started to fade. They were arguing constantly and what I hated was they shouted as if there was no one else around. When this happened, I usually gave some excuses and went for a drive somewhere. The house was also occupied by their two daughters who constantly asked us to play with them. Only when they were sent to their grandmother we could work in peace. Unless Mr. and Mrs. N had a new argument.

However, as for me, I was enjoying myself during these time as I was commuting from Seremban to KL nearly every other day. These trips were used by me generously with dates nearly everytime I was in KL. These dates were rarely with the same girls.

The peak of my dating scene was when I dated 8 girls at one time. It was also during these times that I was introduced to a new version of nightlife that I never knew...

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